Foraging network in Bumble bees


    CNRS CRCA Toulouse - France

    collaborators: Dr. M. Lihoreau, Dr. R. Jeanson

    I am currently working on a fascinating social species: the wild bumble bee (Bombus terrestris). I investigate the spatial strategies of individually tagged bumble bees foraging in complex arrays of artificial flowers to evaluate the dynamic of plant-pollinator interaction networks.

    Contact network in Fruit flies

    2013 - 2015

    CNRS DEPE Strasbourg - France

    collaborators: Dr. C. Sueur, Dr. F. Méry

    I investigated the impact of social network, and its temporal evolution, on information transmission in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) subjected to social learning experiments.

    Behavioural ecology of Alpine marmot

    2007 - 2012

    University of Pavia ECOETO and Gran Paradiso National Park - Italy

    collaborators: Prof. G. Bogliani, Dr. A. von Hardenberg, Prof. D. Réale

    During my PhD I addressed two main crucial aspects of the behavioural ecology of Alpine marmot: 1) the effect of group living on predator response and intergroup competition for resources and 2) the individual mechanisms affecting group living (i.e. personality and physiological reaction to stress).

  • Publications

    Peer-reviewed articles:

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  • collaborations

    Here a list of people I have worked, or I am currently working, with

    Mathieu Lihoreau (CNRS Toulouse -CRCA Lab)

    Raphael Jeanson (CNRS Toulouse -CRCA Lab)

    Jacques Gautrais (CNRS Toulouse -CRCA Lab)

    Philipp Heeb (CNRS Toulouse -EDB Lab)

    Vincent Viblanc (CNRS Strasbourg -DEPE Lab)

    Cedric Sueur (University of Strasbourg)

    Frederic Mery (CNRS Gyf-sur-Ivette -EGCE Lab)

    Bernard Thierry (CNRS -DEPE Lab)

    Valerie Dufour (CNRS -DEPE Lab)

    Francois Criscuolo (CNRS -DEPE Lab)

    Claudio Carere (University Paris 13 - LEEC Lab)

    David Constantini (University of Antwerp)

    Denis Reale (Université du Quebec à Montreal)

    Achaz von Hardenberg (University of Chester)

    Giuseppe Bogliani (University of Pavia)